Saturday, August 30, 2008

50 days, 50 books Giveaway..few days left....

Don't forget that my other giveaway is still going on until Monday September 1, 10pm CT!!

50 Days, 50 Books Tour by Joy Nash


By Joy Nash

AUTOGRAPHED COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go see the original post about the can sign up here or there for the giveaway!!!

Joy Nash will be stopping by and saying Hi on Monday!!!!


Luanne said...

Hey Allison - did you see the final comic in Lynn Johnston's strip yesterday?

Allison said...

yes...saw last one..boohooo....but looks like she is just going back to the beginning love this comic..i want it to go on!!

LMcLendon said...

I have been entering as many days as I can for Joy Nash's "Immortals: The Crossing".

Please add me to your set of entries! Thanks!

I have added this series to my reading list but I haven't started the series yet.

I hope to get to it soon.
I have a long reading list and lots to read but add to it regularly.

Crystal Adkins said...

OH I would love to win a copy of Joy's book :) please enter me :P

crystal adkins

Joy Nash said...

Hi everyone!

I love For Better or For Worse, too! I've been reading it forever and I'm so sad to see the story end. But at least we get to revisit the early story.

Good luck to everyone hoping to win a copy of Immortals The Crossing!!

Joy Nash