Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Thingers!!

Today's question:

Members who have your books. Do you ever look at this feature? Do you use it to make LT friends, or compare notes? There are three tabs- weighted, raw, and recent. "Weighted," which means "weighted by book obscurity and library size" is probably the least self-explanatory of the three, whereas "raw" and "recent" are more so. Do you get any kind of use out of this feature?

I've seem the feature but never really 'looked' at it, other then clicking on a few people that had a lot of the same books as I do. I would leave a comment for them if they had read a book I really liked, but I don't think none have become LT 'friends' that I added.

I think I need to go take some time and look over all the LT features if Marie keeps asking questions about them!! I feel so dumb not knowing about many of these features, BUT it's nice to hear about them in case I DO want to use them!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

There's so much more to LT than "just" listing our books! I learn more each week with Marie's questions. Sometimes it's a new (to me) feature that I'll continue to use; other times I think "interesting ..." but not interesting enough to spend more time with!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I "bloghopped" over to your site today - guess I missed this post a couple of weeks ago.

Come on over to my blog to find out what bloghopping entails and then join the fun!