Saturday, October 25, 2008

Book Review: Immortals: The Redeeming

Synopsis from The Immortals Series website of "The Immortals: The Redeeming":

As Samantha Taylor investigates the abduction of young demon women in gritty Los Angeles, she encounters Tain, the Immortal she hasn't seen since his enslavement to a powerful demon the year before.

Now Tain needs Samantha's help, and Samantha wonders if she can hide the fact that she's in love with him while they work together. Tain spent years being tortured by a demon--the last thing he'll want is a half-demon woman longing for him . . . or so she thinks.

Haunted by his past, Tain seeks peace by healing others, but he's not sure if the madness that trapped him has completely gone away. And he's never been able to get the dark-eyed Samantha Taylor out of his mind.

This is book 5 of the Immortal series, which I received from the author Jennifer Ashley . I had found out that I was getting an ARC of book 6 "Immortals:The Crossing" from Joy Nash, but wanted to read book 5 (first one of this set) first. Jennifer was kind enough to send me a copy. She warned me that the book was hot and steamy...and she was right!!

I loved this book! I've always loved anything paranormal, but never read any of these type of books. I'm hooked! The characters of Samantha and Tain are amazing. Both love each other but feel that can't let the other know because of who they each different. This difference though is what makes the chemistry so hot between the two of them. The book takes you in to the world of demons, vampires, werewolves, demigods and humans who all try to coexist together. The storyline describing how each survives living with those they hate is mind boggling. How do we know these people don't really exist in our world? Maybe you live next door to a demon and don't know it?!

"The Redeeming" mixes paranormal and romance together to make a hot, interesting and intrigueing storyline that I can't wait to read more of!! I will now have to find the first four of the series to get caught up on some of the storylines, but I found you will enjoy this book without knowing about the past books.

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This series is actually being written by 3 different authors that take turns writing a book and they also write some together. Make sure and check out their websites:

Jennifer Ashely

Joy Nash

Robin T Popp

Rating: 4/5

Available: NOW!

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