Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Book Review - Dirkel Smat And the Flying Statue

Book information:
The Explorer's Club is back! Join the gang in another exciting adventure, this time on the back of a flying Pegasus! Join Dirkle Smat and the Explorer’s Club for an unforgettable adventure with The Flying Statue in this chapter book for early readers, ages 6 to 8. Second in the Dirkle Smat series.


I found this book a fun adventure that young kids would love! Six boys, with very interesting names all belong to the Explorer's Club.
Dirkle, his little brother Quid Smat, along with Toonie Oobles, Fiddy Bublob, Lumleyline, and Bean Lumley!! I liked how each kid shows a special quality that makes them unique to the group. Short chapters and simple plot makes this an easy and fast read for a bedtime story for parents. I've always loved having a club as a kid and this would be a good entry in to helping a young kid maybe start one themselves. At the end of the book, there are forms to help start their own club! Imagination and teamwork come together to make an amazing story that kids will enjoy!!

Book 1: Dirkle Smat Inside Mount Flatbottom

Book 3: Dirkle Smat and the Viking Shield

Website: Dirkle Smat

Rating: 4 out of 5

Thank you to the author Lynne D. Garthwaite and Bostick Communications for sending me this book to review!


ImageNations said...

thanks for the tip to parenting...

April said...

Great review! I have had this forever and need to get it out and read it!