Sunday, February 14, 2010

David and the Bear Lake Monster, A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho

Book synopsis:

Deep rooted legends, long family traditions, and a few mysterious events: Bear Lake Valley is a wonderful home to the Roberts Family. Once again the Roberts family is reunited with David trying to solve personal issues and overcome his troubles!! Without meaning to, David quickly becomes one with the town and its folk and finds himself entranced with one very special lady and ends up defending her honor several times. After a few teases, tricks, and mischievous deeds. David begins to overcome his troubles and figures out what he needs to do, but will it be too late for David? Will he lose the one woman he adores?


The fourth entry in the Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho is just as engaging and fun to read as the last 3 books were!! I love that David returns back to visit with the Roberts Family, after moving away to find himself. He soon realizes that you can find things you're missing in your life without even looking for them.

The author, Linda Weaver Clarke, has a way with showing in her writing the true love and laughter a man and a woman can have for one another. Whether married for years (Melinda and Gilbert) or just meeting one another (David and Sarah), the respect and longing for another person is deep and to the heart in these 2 story-lines. We are introduced us to a strong, educated woman, Sarah, who happens to have a disability. David is smitten with her, but unsure he wants to get involved with someone. The 'romantic friction' between David and Sarah is central to a story that will have you cheering for them to get together!

The fun part of "David and the Bear Lake Monster" is wondering if there is truly a 'monster' in the lake. It makes for an interesting adventure, with a surprising ending to the 'tale' of the monster. I love that the author based the monster on a local folklore of such a monster in that area in Idaho.

"David and the Bear Lake Monster" is heart-warming story of finding that right person to live the rest of your life with. It teaches us that people with disabilities are just like any other person who have dreams for their life. So, if you want to laugh, learn and live in the life of some wonderful this book and enjoy the journey!!!

Rating: 5/5


bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a wonderful series!

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Thanks for the latest review of a truly fine series, based family history stories and local legends and myths.

Bill ;-)
Author of "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

What a wonderful review! Thanks, Allison. I enjoyed reading your sweet words. Thank you for all your hard work. Have a great day!