Monday, July 28, 2008

Just a little thought......

Ever since I could read, I have had a book at my side. I enjoy going in to another world, life or adventure of someone else's.

One of my favorite genres are the historical based stories from the late 1800's, around the 4 corners area (Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico). Whether fiction or nonfiction, I really enjoy learning about the past in this area. It might be that I was born in Utah and lived in Arizona for 23 of my adult years, but I am intrigued by the movement west history in that area. Now as much as I love the history, a little romance in the story and strong woman based characters are a MUST too! Here are a few authors I love to read and a few books I've enjoyed!

Nancy Turner -
* These is My Words (and the 2 that follow "Sarah's Quilt" and "The Star Garden")

Rosanne Bittner -
* Savage Destiny series
* America West Series
* Thunder on the Plains
* ( oh...just read all of them!)

That's it for now...but tell me...what is your FAVORITE genre and authors you have to read???


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to read These is My Words. Glad to hear you really enjoyed it.

Right now I seem to be reading a ton of stuff set in England anywhere from 1300-1500. Ken Follett, Philippa Gregory, Jean Plaidy, etc.

I love pretty much any well-written historical novels!

Allison said...

Yes..historical novels are fun to read and learn from!! need to read These is My Words! It's really good!

Tricia said...

Ooooh, I love Nancy Turner, but I haven't tried Roseanne Bitner. Thanks for the heads up!