Thursday, January 15, 2009

Book Review: Cole Family Christmas

One of my favorite books I read over Christmas was a children's book called "Cole Family Christmas" by Jennifer Liu Bryan with Hazel Cole Kendle. This is a true story of Hazel's family at Christmas time in 1920.

As a coal miner's family of nine children they don't have much money, but they realize they are rich in many other ways. The children are excited about getting a chance to look through the 'wish book' for Christmas ( a Sears, Roebuck and Company catalogue). Each child may choose a gift that they really want.

"Think carefully about how good you've been this year when you make your wish," Mama said. "There are plenty of magical things in this book that Santa could bring to some lucky Cole children - if they just look." And with that, Mama searched the book's pages and opened the volume wide, pointing.

From one of Mama's treasured possession getting broken to Papa getting caught in a blizzard coming home from the mine Christmas Eve, everyone realizes how special this Christmas will be. When Christmas morning arrives, the true meaning of giving and receiving shines through all their hearts.

This warm and tender book about family should be read to every child 'any' time of the year! The story reminds you of how family memories are to be cherished and passed down to the next generation to enjoy. Kids will love the goat, Hilda, who gets to live in the house when it's cold outside. I loved the illustrations that brought the Cole family to life for me as I read the book. The Cole Family Christmas story will help you realize that the best gift you can give someone is something from the heart.

Check out the Cole Family website: to read the first chapter.

Rating: 4/5



Anonymous said...

I thought this one looked good. Thanks for the review.

Marie Cloutier said...

Sounds very sweet and fun for the holidays. Great review!