Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to 2009 !!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Sorry that I've not done may reviews the last few weeks, but with family around and work I didn't get much done. I was hoping to have some up yesterday, but my first cold in a few years has got my energy down a bit!!! Keep watching the next few days, I should have some reviews up!!

A Big Thank You goes out to all of you that have been following my blog this past year!! I hope you keep coming back to check out my blog!!!

Take care all!!! Keep reading!!!

Allison :-)



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year - I hope you're feeling better soon.

Jacquie L Reaville said...

Happy 2009. Sorry to hear about the cold, wrap up warm, drink lots of juice and soup (not together) and read, read, read.

Looking forward to the reviews.

Wrighty said...

Hope you had a very nice holiday season. Sorry to hear about your cold. Feel better! I've left you an award here:

Luanne said...

I think everyone I know got sick this Christmas. Feel better!