Saturday, January 22, 2011

Release of 2nd book in "The Legend of the Great Horse" Series

Hi everyone!! I wanted to let everyone know that the 2nd book in "The Legend of the Great Horse" series is out and available to get!!! "The Golden Spark" by John Royce is the second of three books that tells a great story about a girl and a horse as they time travel through historic time periods looking for the ONE great horse!!! A fictional story with historic background...I love it!!!

This is a unique story that grabbed my attention after I read the first book of the series "Eclipsed by Shadow:"

I did a review of "Eclipsed by Shadow" in July 2008. Go take a peak at it. You will see how much I really enjoyed it!!

I plan a review of "The Golden Spark" in the coming week and will be having a book giveaway to go along with it!!!! So make sure and check back for it!!!!

I really enjoy reviewing books of new authors that are trying to get the word out about their books!! John Royce is a great guy and author that I've gotten to correspond with the last couple of years through email and Facebook!! I would love it if you take a moment and check out his website and "like" him on his Facebook page and see what he is up too!! and of course read his 2 books!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2011 !!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Well, here are a few resolutions (goals for the year) I have set for myself and will try my best to follow through with them!!

1. Do better in getting book reviews out in a timely matter!!!

2. Strive for a healthy life by exercising more and hopefully the pounds will fall on their own!!

3. Possibly start a movie review blog!!

4. Create ideas that may work to write a book about...

Those are just a few..will probably add more as the weeks go on....

Tell me a goal you have set for yourself this year!!!