Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Review: Jenny's Dream

Linda Weaver Clarke has captured the essence of reaching for your dreams, no matter what happens to throw you off the path of getting there.

In “Jenny’s Dream,” the third book in A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho series, the oldest daughter Jenny is home from college for the summer. She is feeling trapped in the small town of Paris, Idaho and wants to go out in to the world and accomplish something to show everyone she is more than a pretty girl. Her writing is what keeps her ambition in full drive, until she meets Will. He isn’t the most ‘handsome’ man in town and he is only a farmer, but she becomes close friends with him. Will secretly falls in love with Jenny, but does she feel the same way? Jenny’s past haunts her ability to move forward in her life in love and her dreams of being a writer. She will have to make a decision that might hurt those closest to her, for her dreams to come true.

In the meantime, Jenny’s dad, Gilbert, is helping in the search of an old grizzly bear that is attacking the local sheep and scaring the town folk. He feels the need to be a part of the hunt, even thought his wife, Melinda, is against it. When he comes face to face with the legendary bear, Three Toes, Gilbert must balance the safety of the town with the concern of his family for his life.

I loved this book as much as I did the first two books in the series. I was drawn in to Jenny’s life an wondering what decisions she would make for her future. The amazing details of the family dynamics, descriptions of the beautiful scenery and the historical facts of the time all made the story believable. The ease of the writing made it feel as though I was eavesdropping in on their lives. I didn’t want the story to end (which it won’t since their will be two more books in the series)! The best part of the book was the relationship that grows between Jenny and Will. The author didn’t use the stereotypical ‘handsome’ male for the main character to fall for. This was refreshing to me, since all of us on this earth aren’t as perfect as most book characters are made out to be. This relationship reminds us that getting to know a person from the inside first and being friends, can grow in to something more.

Jenny’s Dream” is a book for all ages that can wrap you up and make you feel all warm inside with the love and hope that dreams can come true if you believe hard enough.

Rating: 5/5


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Excellent review! I look forward to reading Jenny's Dream.

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Thanks for including one of your favorite reviews to the link-up, Reading your favorites helps us readers of your blog to get to know you better!

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