Friday, August 22, 2008

Book Review: Live Your Road Trip Dream, Travel for a year for the cost of staying home

Synopsis from back of book:

Where would your journey take you if you had an extended time to travel? But perhaps you're thinking, "If only I knew how to start planning my adventure?"

This detailed 'how-to" guide will get you moving from the dreaming to the doing in no time at all. Included is a step-by-step, real-life information on planning the trip you've always wanted to take--along with generous doses of humor and advice on different topics.

I really enjoyed reading through this book! There is a lot of information about what to do in planning a long trip. The first half of the book covers all the details on how to handle the house, car and your finances while gone. Also, Phil and Carol White explain the choices you will need to make about the trip itself. What kind of vehicle? How much money to save to use for expenses, gifts and side trip? Phil and Carol White seemed to have all angels covered for a year long adventure.

The second half of the book is a description of the authors actual trip they took. It covers the up and downs of RV breakdowns, choices made of roads to take and a mix of all the interesting side trips they took!

I was really interested and seeing how they put together all this information. I have a sister and brother-in-law that started out to do this for a while and ended up living on the road for years!! It takes dedication and a moving home to love this kind of adventure. I don't think I could do the RV thing for a year, but many for a few months.

There are many out there that love this life and more power to you! My only critique would be its almost too wordy. Some sections seemed to go on and on with too much information that seemd overwhelming. If you want an adventure of a life time, this would be a great book to read to get ideas on how to get started thinking about making that leap.

Rating: 4/5


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I'm too much of a *planner* to live this way, but I admire the sense of adventure that these people have.

Annette Lamb said...

We've been full-time RVers for almost ten years and always enjoy hearing about other people's adventures. Thanks for the great book review. - The Mobile Mavericks